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Lady Jane Grey pictured on the cover

All of the characters that appear in Lady Jane Grey by Sue Reid.

Main characters[]

Lady Jane Grey[]

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Lady Jane Grey (May 1537 – 12 February 1554),[1] later Jane Dudley after marriage,[2] was the eldest daughter of Frances and Henry Grey. In 1547, Jane became a ward to Thomas Seymour, whom married Katherine soon after. Thomas planned with Jane's father to have her married to her cousin King Edward. Jane had no desire to be queen though her guardians had little care for her wishes. After Thomas's execution, Jane's father aligned himself with John Dudley whom Jane deeply mistrusted. She was forced Jane to marry Dudley's son, Guildford, in May 1553. Following Edward's death, Jane was declared queen by the Privy Council but only ruled for nine days before Mary was declared the rightful queen.

Supporting characters[]

Edward VI[]

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Edward VI (October 1537 – 6 July 1553)[1] was Lady Jane Grey's favorite cousin and the son of King Henry VIII. After his father's death in January 1547, Edward was crowned King of England at the age of nine. His uncle, Edward Seymour, and the Privy Council were appointed to help Edward rule England due to his young age. Edward later grew to respect and look up to John Dudley, whom replaced Seymour as regent after he was imprisoned for attempting to kidnap Edward. Towards the end of his life, Edward grew very weak and sickly. Sometime before his death in 1553, he named Jane as his successor because she was protestant and therefore disinherited his half-sisters, Mary and Elizabeth.

Frances and Henry Grey[]

Frances and Henry Grey[3] ("Mother" and "Father") were the parents of Jane, Katherine, and Mary. She was also a niece of King Henry. He was the Marquess of Dorset, and later the Duke of Suffolk. They were both harsh with their children, especially Jane whom they sometimes punished with whippings. Unlike her husband, Frances was reluctant to release Jane into the care of Thomas Seymour. Following Seymour's execution, the Greys aligned themselves with John Dudley. They forced Jane to marry his son and later supported the campaign for her to become queen. Following Mary's return, Frances was allowed to leave and Henry was pardoned. He was imprisoned again and executed after joining Wyatt's Rebellion.

Guildford Dudley[]

Guildford Dudley (died 12 February 1554)[1] was the son of John Dudley. He was pampered by his mother, which often caused him to act like a child. Guildford married Lady Jane Grey on 25 May 1553. She chose to live at her parents' home and visited him very little during their first months of marriage. When Jane was declared queen, Guildford desired to be named King and rule beside her. She refused and said that she would make him a duke. When Mary became queen instead, Guildford and Jane were imprisoned in the Tower of London. They became closer during their visits in the garden, but they never saw each other again after Mary sentenced them to death. He was executed on the same day as his wife.

John Dudley[]

John Dudley (died 22 August 1553)[4] was the Earl of Warwick and later the Duke of Northumberland. He was married and had several children, including Robert and Guildford. Under Edward's reign, John quickly gained the new king's favor. He was likely behind the downfall of Edward Seymour, which left the path clear for John to become the de facto regent. In mid-1553, John arranged for Guildford to marry Lady Jane Grey. After Edward passed away, John had Jane declared queen and led her army against Mary's forces. He was later imprisoned at the Tower and sentenced to death. He attempted to gain sympathy from Mary by converting to Catholicism, but was still ultimately executed.

Katherine Parr[]

Main article: Catherine Parr

Katherine Parr (c. 1512[5] – 5 September 1548)[6] was the widow of the late King Henry. She was close to Lady Jane Grey, and her stepchildren, Elizabeth, Edward, and Mary. Katherine married Thomas Seymour just a few months after King Henry's death. She and Thomas were subsequently not welcome at court due to their hasty marriage. Jane and Elizabeth lived with the couple and Katherine oversaw their educations. By May 1548, Katherine was expecting her first child. Katherine later had Elizabeth sent away, possibly due to Thomas's inappropriate behavior towards her. Katherine gave birth to a daughter, Mary, on 30 August. She died a week later of childbed fever. Jane was the chief mourner at her funeral.

Mary I[]

Main article: Mary I

Mary I (born 1516)[1] was Jane's cousin and the daughter of the late King Henry. Jane was not particularly fond of Mary, describing her as "thin and old and shortsighted and talks like a man." Mary was a fervent Catholic and continued to practice her religion, despite the increasing reforms. She was disinherited by her brother's will, which he wrote just before his death in July 1553. Their cousin Jane was declared queen and Mary fled to gather support. A little over a week later, Mary was declared the rightful Queen of England and brought to the Tower of London. She was inclined to pardon Jane and Guildford. However, after Thomas Wyatt's rebellion, Mary had them both sentenced to death.

Thomas Seymour[]

Thomas Seymour (died 19 March 1549)[7] was the uncle of King Edward and husband of Katherine Parr. He was jealous of his brother, Edward Seymour, whom was made Lord Protector which essentially made him Edward's regent. Thomas was granted the title of Lord Admiral. In early 1547, Lady Jane Grey became his ward. He plotted with her parents to have her marry his nephew, which did not work out. He married King Henry's widow, Katherine, shortly later. Their only daughter was born in August 1548. Thomas was devastated when his wife passed away of childbed fever. A few months later, he was arrested on charges of treason, allegedly planning on kidnapping the King. He was later found guilty and executed.

Minor characters[]

  • Ambrose and Henry Dudley, two sons of John Dudley. Both were imprisoned at the Tower of London with their father.
  • Amy Robsart was the wife of Robert Dudley. Reportedly, it was a "love match."
  • Anne Parr was Katherine's sister whom was married to William Herbert.
  • Anne Seymour was Edward Seymour's daughter and the wife John Dudley's eldest son.
  • Dr Aylmer was Jane Grey's tutor until she joined Thomas Seymour's household. When she returned home, he taught her again.
  • Barnaby Fitzpatrick was Edward's closest friend. He spent some time at the French court and had returned by January 1553. Barnaby was worried about Edward whom was in ill health.
  • Master Cheke was the tutor of Edward whom suggested that he write in a diary.
  • Edward Seymour (died 22 January 1552),[8] was the Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector during the reign of his nephew. He was the brother of Thomas Seymour. Edward was later arrested for allegedly kidnapping the King, but was pardoned. He was arrested for a second time, likely because of John Dudley, in 1551 and later executed.
  • Edward Underhill, a man-at-arms. Jane Grey was the godmother of his child, who was named Guildford.
  • Elizabeth (born 7 September 1533)[1] was King Henry's daughter and Edward's half-sister. She stayed with her stepmother Katherine until May 1548. Thomas Seymour was allegedly acting inappropriately towards her, causing Katherine to send her away. When Thomas was arrested, Elizabeth was questioned. Years later, Elizabeth rode with her sister Mary to the Tower of London when the former was declared queen.
  • Elizabeth Tilney was one of Katherine's maids of honor. She became a close friend of Jane. After Thomas Seymour's death, she was transferred to court where she often crossed paths with Jane. Elizabeth stayed with Jane during her last few months at the Tower of London.
  • Mistress Ellen ("Nurse") was Jane's loyal nurse. She attended Jane everywhere she went and stood by her for during her time at the Tower before her execution.
  • Dr Feckenham was Mary's confessor whom she sent to Jane to save her soul. He and Jane eventually became friends, though she stayed true to her religion. Feckenham went with her to the scaffold.
  • Francis and Margaret Willoughby were Thomas's siblings. They went to live with George Medley.
  • George Medley was Henry Grey's half-brother. He was put in charge of Margaret and Francis Willoughby.
  • Master Grindal (died January 1548)[9] was Elizabeth's teacher, though he also taught Jane while in Chelsea. He was struck by the plague and died soon after.
  • Henry VIII (died January 1547)[10] was the King of England until his death. He was succeeded by his then nine-year-old son, Edward. Henry was also the father of Mary and Elizabeth.
  • Lord Herbert was William Herbert's son. He married Katherine Grey. It was a happy marriage at least during the beginning, but the marriage was later dissolved.
  • Mistress Jacob, a woman that looked after Jane during her time at the Tower of London.
  • Jane Seymour was the daughter of Edward Seymour. She became good friends with Katherine Grey.
  • John Harington was an employee of Thomas Seymour whom escorted Jane to Thomas's house in 1547.
  • Kat Ashley was Elizabeth's governess whom loved to gossip, which kept Jane Grey informed on the goings-on. After Thomas Seymour was arrested, Kat and her husband were briefly taken to the Tower of London.
  • Katherine Grey was Jane's younger sister. She got along well with Jane, though they had differing personalities. Katherine loved the minutiae of court life and always insisted that Jane tell her every detail when she went. Katherine married Lord Herbert in 1553. She was happy with the marriage, but it was later dissolved.
  • Bishop Latimer was a clergyman, who delivered a sermon condemning Thomas Seymour.
  • Mark was Jane's manservant during her imprisonment. He was sent on various errands, usually to figure out what was going on outside.
  • Mary Grey was the youngest daughter of Lady and Sir Grey. She had a "hard hump in her crooked back." When Jane returned home in late 1548, Mary whom was very young hardly recognized her.
  • Mary of Guise was the Scottish regent for her daughter Mary. After visiting her daughter in France, Mary stopped by the English court on her way home in October 1551.
  • Mary Seymour (August 1548[11] – 1550),[12] the only daughter of Katherine and Thomas. She was named after her godmother. Mary was put in the care of Lady Suffolk after her mother's death.
  • Master Parry was a friend of Thomas Seymour. He was later taken into questioning by the Privy Council.
  • Master and Mistress Partridge was the gaoler and his wife at the Tower of London. The pair were very kind to Jane and asked her to dine with them once.
  • Duchess of Northumberland was the wife of John Dudley and mother of Guildford. She pampered her son and disliked that Jane did not "swoon" over him.
  • Rig was Katherine's pet spaniel. He was greatly distressed by her death. The dog continued to live with Thomas Seymour until he was arrested. Jane was very attached to Rig.
  • Robert Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland's son. He married Amy Robsart. Robert was later imprisoned at the Tower of London due to his father's scheming.
  • Roger Ascham was Elizabeth's new tutor after the death of Master Grindal, whom he had also taught.
  • Earl of Rutland (born c. 1528),[13] a courtier and friend of Thomas Seymour. The Privy Council questioned him and he told them all about Thomas's plans.
  • Lady Seymour was the elderly mother of Edward and Thomas Seymour. She was very kind to Jane.
  • Lady Somerset was Edward Seymour's wife. Jane said of her that "[she was] always complaining about something."
  • Duke of Suffolk and Charles (died July 1551)[12] were the young sons of the Lady Suffolk and her late husband. They both suddenly died of the sweating sickness.
  • Lady Suffolk was the step-grandmother of Jane and her sisters. After Katherine Parr's death, she took charge of Mary Seymour. In July 1551, two of her sons died of sweating sickness.
  • Lord Thomas Grey was the uncle of Lady Jane Grey. He was also a friend of Thomas Seymour.
  • Thomas Willoughby, a distant cousin of Jane and her sisters. He was a friend of Katherine Grey.
  • Thomas Wyatt was the leader of Wyatt's Rebellion in 1554. After Mary announced her plans to marry Philip of Spain, Wyatt attempted to overthrow Mary and place Elizabeth on the throne.
  • William Herbert was the Earl of Pembroke. His son married Katherine Grey, which was later dissolved after the controversy with her sister.
  • William Sharington was a treasurer at the mint and friend of Thomas Seymour. He was later accused of embezzlement and sentenced to execution.


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