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Eva on the second edition of My Tudor Queen, re-titled Catherine of Aragon

All of the characters that appear in Alison Prince's My Tudor Queen.

Main characters[]

Eva De Puebla[]

Main article: Eva De Puebla

Eva Valjean (née De Puebla; born 10 June 1486)[1] was the childhood friend of Catherine of Aragon. Her Anna was the chief embroideress at the Spanish court. Eva traveled to England with Catherine as her English interpreter in 1501. Eva stayed on as one of Catherine's ladies-in-waiting. Her great-uncle, Rodrigo De Puebla, whom she grew to greatly admire, was Spain's ambassador to England. Eva later fell in love with the court jester, Michel Valjean. Shortly after Catherine wed Henry VIII, Eva and Michel married. They had a daughter, Rosanna, and had another on the way in 1513. Eva was also put in charge of the court's embroidery by Catherine.

Catherine of Aragon[]

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Catherine of Aragon (16 December 1485[1] – 1536)[2] was the daughter of Queen Isabella of Castilla and León and King Ferdinand of Spain. In 1501, she traveled to England to marry Arthur, the first son of King Henry VII. Arthur died only a few months later, making Catherine a widow. Catherine stayed in England to fight for the income promised in her marriage contract. She was able to secure a betrothal to Prince Henry, Arthur's younger brother. It was broken after her mother's death. In 1509, she finally married Henry after his father's death. From then on, Catherine had a hard time with her pregnancies. She had two miscarriages and a son died within a month.

Supporting characters[]

Henry VII[]

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Henry VII (1457[3] – 21 April 1509)[4] was the King of England. His mother was Lady Margaret Beaufort. He was married to Elizabeth, with whom he had Arthur, Henry, Margaret, and Mary. Due to the Tudor dynasty being new, Henry was constantly attempting to forge alliances with other countries. He betrothed his son Arthur to Catherine of Aragon to form an alliance with Spain. After Arthur's death, Henry neglected Catherine and often refused to pay her allowance. In 1503, his wife passed away of childbed fever and their daughter Katherine died within a few days. Henry considered remarrying several times, but never did. He continued to rule until he suddenly became sick and died in April 1509.

Henry VIII[]

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Henry "Harry" Tudor (28 June 1491[5] – 1547),[2] later Henry VIII, was the second son of King Henry VII and Elizabeth. His appearance was often remarked as appearing older than he was, especially when he was ten through twelve. He became heir apparent after his elder brother's death in 1502. A year later, Henry was betrothed to his brother's widow, Catherine. However, his father forced him to back out of the agreement when her mother passed away. He was forced into seclusion until his father's death in 1509. Two months later, Henry was crowned King of England and married Catherine. In 1513, he went off to fight France and left Catherine in charge. Scotland attacked in his absence, but Catherine defeated them.

Michel Valjean[]

Michel Valjean, also called Mr John, was a court jester for Philip of the Netherlands. He was originally from France but had not been there for several years. Michel first met Eva De Puebla in February 1506. They fell in love during his next visit in September 1507. However, he was unable to find work in the English court so he traveled to the Netherlands instead. Michel kept up a correspondence with Eva for the next two years. He returned during the summer of 1509 to propose to Eva. They married the following autumn with Henry VIII's and Catherine's permission. He quickly became Henry's favorite court jester. The next year, he and Eva had a daughter named Rosanna. Michel accompanied Henry when he went to fight France in 1513.

Rodrigo De Puebla[]

Doctor Rodrigo Gonsalez De Puebla[6] (died 17 April 1509)[7] was Spain's ambassador to England. Eva, his great-niece, nicknamed him "Uncle Rod." His wife died while giving birth to their only son, Gonsalvo, and he never married again. He converted from Judaism to Catholicism several years prior, but many still saw him as suspicious. Rodrigo helped arrange the marriage between Catherine and Arthur. After several years of hard work, Rodrigo was fired from his position by the new ambassador Gutierre Gomez de Fuensalida in June 1508. That fall, he fell ill and died a few months later.

Minor characters[]

  • Alessandro Geraldini was Catherine's confessor. He also taught Catherine and Eva as children.
  • Anna[8] De Puebla ("Mama") was the mother of Eva, whom gave her a diary. She worked as chief embroideress at the Spanish court and became a widow after her husband's death.
  • Arthur (1486[9] – 2 April 1502)[10] was the first son of Henry VII. He married Catherine on 14 November 1501. Arthur was the heir apparent until his sudden death in 1502. Catherine went on to marry his brother Henry VIII.
  • Bianca De Puebla was the wife of Gonsalvo and the mother of Miguel.
  • Caroz, an ambassador to England. Henry VIII rarely listened to him, and relied on Catherine instead.
  • Charles V was the son of Juana and Philip. His father arranged with Henry VII to betroth him to Mary Tudor.
  • Don De Puebla ("Papa;" died 1498)[1] was the father of Eva and husband of Mrs. De Puebla. He was a scholar and teacher. Eva said that she inherited his "bookishness."
  • Doña Elvira was Catherine's duenna (governess). She was generally disliked by Catherine's court, including Eva. Elvira attempted to manipulate Catherine to have King Henry VII and Philip meet. Catherine became angry with her, leading to her leaving court with her husband, son Iñigo, and daughter-in-law Maria.
  • Elizabeth (11 February 1466 – 11 February 1503)[11] was the wife of King Henry VII. She was the mother of Arthur, Henry VIII, Margaret, and Mary. Elizabeth died of childbed fever a few days after giving birth to Katherine, whom did not survive.
  • Ferdinand was the King of Spain and father of Catherine of Aragon. After the death of his wife Isabella, he married Germaine of Foix to placate the French. Isabella's crown passed on to their daughter Juana, but Ferdinand declared her insane and ruled in her place after a power struggle with her husband Philip.
  • Germaine of Foix was a Frenchwoman and the second wife of Ferdinand.
  • Gonsalvo De Puebla was the son of Rodrigo De Puebla. He had a son named Miguel with his wife, Bianca. Gonsalvo worked as a lawyer.
  • Gutierre Gomez de Fuensalida, Spain's ambassador to England. He was instructed by King Ferdinand to either praise or fire Rodrigo De Puebla, he chose the latter. One day, Fuensalida angered Catherine and was banished from court.
  • Henry (1 January – 22 February 1511),[12] the infant son of Henry VII and Catherine.
  • Iñigo Manrique was the master of the King's pages and the son of Doña Elvira. He married Maria.
  • Isabella of Spain (died 26 November 1504)[13] was the Queen of Spain and wife of Ferdinand. She was the mother of Juan, Juana, and Catherine.
  • James IV (died September 1513)[14] was the King of Scotland. He signed a peace treaty with England and married Margaret Tudor. In 1513, James declared war against England and was killed in battle shortly after. Catherine sent his blood-stained coat to Henry.
  • James V (born 10 April 1512)[15] was the only surviving son of Margaret and James IV. He was crowned King of Scotland at eighteen months old.
  • Juan was the son of Isabella and Ferdinand. He died in the early months of his marriage.
  • Juan Manuel was the brother of Doña Elvira. He was the Spanish ambassador for Maximilian.
  • Juana, nicknamed Juana the Mad, was the older sister of Catherine. She was said to have been driven crazy by her husband's infidelities. Juana inherited her mother's throne but her father ruled in her place.
  • Katherine (born and died February 1503)[16] was the youngest daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth whom died shortly after her birth.
  • Louis XII was the King of France whom allied with Ferdinand around 1505.
  • Maria de Rochas[17] was Catherine's maid, who shared a room with Eva. An English nobleman proposed to her. However, he lost interest and she married, Iñigo.
  • Margaret (born 1489)[18] was the daughter of Henry VII. She married James IV of Scotland. Margaret suffered many miscarriages and had only one surviving child, James V.
  • Margaret Beaufort (1443 – 29 June 1509)[19] was the mother of Henry VII. After Elizabeth's death, she took over the running of the royal household. She served as Regent after her son's death and presided over the preparations for Henry VIII's wedding and coronation.
  • Margaret Drummond, one of King James IV's mistresses whom was believed to be poisoned.
  • Mary (born 1496)[18] was the daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth. She was betrothed to Charles at one point.
  • Maximilian was the father of Philip and the Emperor of the German states and Austria.
  • Miguel De Puebla was the son of Gonsalvo and Bianca. He was also the second cousin of Eva.
  • Nicholas West, the Dean of Windsor. He was sent to persuade James IV to stay on Henry VIII's side, but failed. His attempt to bribe Margaret also failed.
  • Pedro de Ayala was another Spanish ambassador to England.
  • Philip (died 1506)[20] was the husband of Juana and son of Maximilian. He was shipwrecked on England's shores, while on the way to claim the Spanish throne. Philip met with Henry VII and they became good friends.
  • Richard III was the King of England before Henry VII. He was killed during the Battle of Bosworth Field, which led to Henry VII being crowned.
  • Roger Fellowes, a man whom lived at court. He paid attention to Eva and Catherine believed that he was in love with her. Eva, however, had no interest in him.
  • Rosanna Valjean (born 13 August 1510)[8] was the first child born to Eva and Michel Valjean.
  • Thomas Fish, a man, who delivered cloth to Queen Elizabeth and Catherine of Aragon.


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