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Allan as pictured on the cover of Shot at Dawn

All of the characters that appear in Shot at Dawn by John Wilson.

Main characters[]

Allan McBride[]

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Allan McBride (born March 1900)[1] was the son of Mr. and Mrs. McBride. He grew up in the Nicola Valley region of British Columbia.

Supporting characters[]

Bob Macready[]

Harry Sommerfield[]

Ken Harrison[]

Ken Harrison (born c. 1896)[1] was Allan's best friend. He grew up on the ranch next to Allan's. His friend described him as "tall, fair-haired and had a face that seemed always about to break into a broad grin." In August 1914, Ken signed up for the army to fight in the war. By Christmas of 1916, he had been promoted to a lieutenant before coming home on leave. Ken did not tell Allan about the realities of the war

Minor characters[]

  • Mr. and Mrs. McBride were the parents of Allan. He was from outside of Dublin. Mr. McBride was described as being more "practical" than his wife. Allan's personality was closer to his mother's. After Allan went off to war, Mrs. McBride often wrote to Allan about the goings-on in Nicola Valley.
  • Paul, an army officer from Sarnia. He spent the night of August 23, 1918 with Allan, whom was to be executed. Paul wrote down Allan's story until he received a reprieve in the morning.


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