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Margaret Ann on the cover of the second edition

All of the characters that appear in Voyage on the Great Titanic by Ellen Emerson White.

Main characters[]

Margaret Ann Brady[]

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Margaret Ann Brady (October 1898[1] – 1994)[2] was an orphan from the East End of London. She lived in the Wapping area until both of her parents died within months of each other in 1907. Margaret Ann and her older brother, William, lived on the streets for a time until he brought her to St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls. William later left for the United States with plans to send for Margaret Ann when he had saved up enough money. In 1912, she was given the opportunity to sail to America as a traveling companion for Evelyn Carstairs on board the RMS Titanic. Margaret Ann was greatly effected emotionally by the ship's sinking. She subsequently settled in Massachusetts with her brother.

Supporting characters[]

Mr. and Mrs. Brady[]

Mr. Brady ("Father"; died February 1907)[3] and Mrs. Brady ("Mummy"; died spring 1907)[4] were the parents of William and Margaret Ann. Mr. Brady was originally from County Cork, Ireland and spoke with a "beautiful light brogue." In London, he worked as a laborer at the Docks. He died after pushing another worker out of the way of falling crates in early 1907. Mrs. Brady, whom had been "consumptive," tried to support the family by working in the "rag trade" and sewing buttons at a factory. She became feverish that spring. It was too late for her to be treated and she died just a few months after her husband. In the following years, Margaret Ann faithfully wore her mother's locket everyday.

Sister Catherine[]

Sister Catherine (died 1962)[2] was a nun at St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls. Margaret Ann described her as "jolly" and "stout." When Margaret Ann came to the orphanage in 1907, she was assigned to help Sister Catherine in the library. She became particularly fond of her, but insisted that it was not proper to have "favorites." She gave Margaret Ann a diary when she accepted the opportunity to go to America as a traveling companion. After the sinking of the RMS Titanic, Margaret Ann sent Sister Catherine her diary to read which she later returned. They kept a regular correspondence and Margaret Ann eventually persuaded Sister Catherine to visit her in America on two occasions. She passed away in 1962.

Evelyn Carstairs[]

Evelyn[5] Carstairs was a wealthy socialite from America. She and her husband, Frederick had traveled across the Atlantic several times. In 1912, their daughter gave birth to their first grandchild, Theodore, and Evelyn was anxious to see him. As Frederick had to remain in London, she decided to hire Margaret Ann as a traveling companion. They boarded the Titanic on April 10. Margaret Ann primarily took care of Evelyn's beloved pet dog, Florence. On the night of April 15, she was persuaded onto a lifeboat by Margaret Ann and Mr. Hollings. She was later thankful that Frederick had not made the trip. Evelyn corresponded a few times with Margaret Ann, but they never saw each other again.


Nora (born c. 1907)[3] was an orphan at St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls. She spoke with a Cockney accent. Nora slept in the bunk underneath Margaret and was the youngest orphan living there at the time of April 1912. Margaret Ann was fond of Nora and often comforted her when she woke up from nightmares. Nora cried whenever Margaret Ann spoke about leaving the orphanage. She was given a china cat by Margaret Ann to "remember [her] by." Nora and Margaret Ann regularly wrote letters to each other. At nineteen, she emigrated to America with her new husband. Nora had a "joyous reunion" with Margaret Ann. She and her husband settled in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Robert Merton[]

Robert Merton (August 1895[1] – April 15, 1912)[6] was a bedroom steward on the Titanic. He was from Liverpool, where he lived with his family, including his five brothers and three sisters. As a bedroom steward, he was in charge of taking care of Margaret Ann, Mrs. Carstairs, and several others. Robert and Margaret Ann got along instantly. He would often stop to chat for a moment longer when bringing her food or drinks in the morning and evening. On the night of April 14, Robert convinced Margaret Ann to return to the lifeboats after seeking him out. He kissed her and handed her a letter to be mailed to his mother. Robert then left to join the other stewards and subsequently died during the sinking.

William Brady[]

William Brady (born 1896)[7] was Margaret Ann's older brother. After their parents' deaths, William and his sister briefly stayed with neighbors before living on the streets for several months. William eventually left Margaret Ann at St. Abernathy's when she became ill. He eventually got work at the Docks, before signing up as a cabin boy on a cargo steamer in 1910. William then immigrated to America, settling in Charlestown, Boston and working as a bricklayer. In 1912, William met Margaret Ann in New York after the Titanic sunk and brought her to live with him. He fought in World War I and was badly wounded. Thanks to his sister, William recovered and later began working for the Boston Police Department.

Minor characters[]

  • Mr. Andrews (died April 15, 1912)[6] was the ship designer of the RMS Titanic. He traveled on the ship during her maiden voyage and died during its sinking. Mr. Andrews helped Margaret Ann Brady with a drawing of the Titanic.
  • Colonel Astor, (died April 15, 1912)[6] a first class passenger on the Titanic. He boarded the ship with his young wife and his dog, named Kitty. He was said to be "one of the richest men in the world." Margaret Ann last saw him standing on deck with his dog after helping his wife into a lifeboat.
  • Bridget and Molly Murphy were two sisters out of four living at St. Abernathy's. Molly was the youngest of the sisters. Each girl was also "more freckled than the next."
  • Mrs. Brown, a first-class passenger on the Titanic. She joined Evelyn Carstairs and Margaret Ann for lunch once. Mrs. Brown talked enthusiastically to Margaret Ann after finding out she was a travelling companion.
  • Sisters Celeste and Judith, two nuns at St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls.
  • Mr. Daniels was an old friend of Mr. Brady. After Mr. Brady's death, he helped his son William Brady get a job at the Docks and obtain cheap lodgings.
  • Captain E.J. Smith (died April 15, 1912)[6] was the captain of the Titanic. Margaret Ann saw him walk by with Mr. Andrews on the night of April 14.
  • Sister Eulalia, a nun at St. Abernathy's who was raised in Kensington. She was strict with the children about their pronunciation. Eulalia often helped with the meal preparations.
  • Florence was the Carstairs' brown terrier. She disliked strangers, but surprisingly took to Margaret Ann easily. Florence enjoyed barking at everything and was doted upon by Mrs. Carstairs. Margaret Ann took her for walks and looked after her while they were on the Titanic.
  • Frederick Carstairs was the husband of Evelyn. He was absentminded, often commenting on things without properly looking or thinking. Frederick stayed behind in London for business, while his wife left to see their new grandchild. After the Titanic sunk, Evelyn was thankful that he had missed the trip.
  • Mr. Harris was Margaret Ann's neighbor when she lived with her parents in Wapping, London.
  • Mr. Hollings (died April 15, 1912),[6] a first class passenger on the Titanic. He looked after Mrs. Carstairs and Margaret Ann as he felt it was gentlemanly duty since they were traveling alone. Mr. Hollings later helped Mrs. Carstairs onto one of the lifeboats and also tried to help Margaret Ann. He died in the sinking.
  • Horace, a wine steward on the Titanic. He laughed at one of Margaret Ann's sarcastic jokes, but turned it into a cough when no one else laughed.
  • Hortense and Mabel, two shop girls who fitted Margaret Ann for her new wardrobe.
  • Mr. Ismay was the managing director of the White Star Line which owned the Titanic.
  • Mrs. Janson, a passenger who dined with Margaret Ann and Mrs. Carstairs once. She was from Philadelphia.
  • Josephine, a maid who shared a lavatory with Margaret Ann on the Titanic. Her employer was a "demanding elderly woman."
  • Kitty, an Airedale owned by Colonel Astor. The dog remained by her owner's side as the ship sunk.
  • Officer Lowe was an officer on the RMS Titanic. He directed everyone to start tying the lifeboats together and went back in his boat to look for survivors.
  • Sister Mary Gregoria was a nun, possibly the Mother Superior, at St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls. In March 1912, she asked Margaret Ann if she wanted to go to America as a traveling companion.
  • The McDougals were a family that lived near the Bradys in Wapping. Margaret Ann and William lived with them for a short time after their parents died. Mr. McDougal and his brother Kieran often went out drinking and would come home "spoiling for a fight." After Margaret Ann had been "knocked down a time or two," William took her away from the house.
  • Mr. McCawley, the gymnasium steward on the Titanic. He explained to Margaret Anne how the exercising equipment worked.
  • Chief Purser McElroy, the Chief Purser on the Titanic. He worked in the Purser's office, where passengers kept their valuables. Mrs. Carstairs often visited his office to retrieve her jewelry for mealtimes.
  • Dr. O'Loughlin (died April 15, 1912)[6] was the ship's doctor. Margaret Ann described him as "affable."
  • Perkis, a ship's quartermaster on the Titanic. He was in charge of the lifeboat that Margaret Ann was in and made the decision to go back to look for survivors.
  • Ralph Kittery (died April 15, 1912)[6] was a friend of Mr. Hollings. He was interested in polo and the American stock market. Ralph later died when the Titanic sunk.
  • Captain Rostron, the captain of the RMS Carpathia who came to the rescue of the Titanic survivors.
  • Shirley Hallowell (born c. 1900),[8] an orphan at St. Abernathy's. Margaret Ann asked her to take care of Nora for her before she left the orphanage, and Shirley readily agreed.
  • Stephen was an elevator operator on the RMS Titanic.
  • Theodore was the Carstairs' first grandchild. Evelyn was anxious to meet him and thus decided to return to America ahead of her husband.
  • Thomas[9] (died April 15, 1912)[6] and Mrs. Prescott were two first class passengers, who often dined with Mrs. Carstairs and Margaret Ann. Mr. Prescott died during the sinking of the Titanic, after helping his wife and Margaret Ann onto the lifeboats.

Epilogue characters[]

  • Dorothy, Harriet, and Robert Ryan were the children of Margaret Ann Brady and Stanley Ryan.
  • Stanley Ryan (died 1967)[2] was Margaret Ann's husband and the father of their three children. He married his wife in June 1923. Stanley worked as a history teacher.


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