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Princess Elizabeth pictured on the cover

All of the characters that appear in Wartime Princess.

Main characters[]

Princess Margaret[]

Main article: Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret Rose (21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002)[1] was the younger daughter of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She was the only sister of Princess Elizabeth, whom she was very close to. Margaret was fun-loving, brash, a bit spoiled, but empathic towards others. She was in many ways the opposite of Elizabeth, whom was more responsible. Going through World War II during her adolescence helped teach Margaret how to appreciate the life she was given, though she still envied the freedom of regular children. She often longed to do the same things as Elizabeth, but was usually unable to do them due to her age. Margaret also enjoyed teasing Elizabeth about her romance with Prince Philip.

Princess Elizabeth[]

Main article: Elizabeth II

Princess Elizabeth "Lilibet" (21 April 1926[2] – 8 September 2022),[1] later Elizabeth II, was the older sister of Margaret. She was the elder daughter of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. As the heir apparent, Elizabeth always handled herself with the upmost decorum. She showed her playful side to Margaret, whom was also her confidante. Elizabeth met Prince Philip just before the outbreak of World War II. They corresponded throughout the war and they eventually fell in love with each other. Additionally, Elizabeth longed to do something more for the war effort. After her eighteenth birthday, her father allowed her to join the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Elizabeth married Prince Philip in 1947.

Supporting characters[]

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon[]

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon ("Mummy"), later Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, was the Queen consort of the United Kingdom through her husband, George VI. She had two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, whom she always encouraged to act properly. The Queen also always dressed her best. During World War II, Elizabeth stood by her husband's side. When it was suggested for Elizabeth and Margaret to leave the country, the Queen refused saying that they would not leave without her and she would not leave without her husband who would never leave his people. Following the war, like her husband, Elizabeth was reluctant about the match between Elizabeth and Philip but ultimately supported them.

George VI[]

George VI ("Papa"; died 6 February 1952)[3] was the King of the United Kingdom. He married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, with whom he had Elizabeth and Margaret. After becoming king, George worked with Mr. Logue to help him give speeches. During the war, George and his wife stayed in London most of the time while their daughters were in Scotland. He often went on tours to visit soldiers in various places, such as France or North Africa. George was not against Elizabeth's engagement to Philip, but was reluctant to announce it for a long time. However, at Margaret's urging, he finally approved. George passed away in 1952 and was succeeded by his daughter Elizabeth.

Prince Philip[]

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark (10 June[4] 1921 – 9 April 2021)[1] was a distant cousin of Margaret of Elizabeth through Queen Victoria. His family was exiled from Greece. Philip's sisters all married Germans. He met Elizabeth while he was a cadet at Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Philip joined the Royal Navy at the start of World War II. He kept in touch with Elizabeth through letters and visited her a few times while at leave in England. Following the war in 1946, Philip proposed to Elizabeth. Her parents were reluctant to announce the engagement as the match was unpopular with about half of the people. The engagement was eventually announced and the couple married in 1947. They had four children.

Minor characters[]

  • Adolf Hitler (died 30 April 1945)[5] was the leader of the Germans who started World War II.
  • Alexandra (born 25 December 1936)[6] Edward (born 1935), and Michael (born 4 July 1942)[7] were the children of Prince George and Princess Marina.
  • Alexandra, Princess Arthur of Connaught was a cousin of Margaret and Elizabeth. She was a Counsellor of State.
  • Prince Andrew of Greece (died 3 December 1944)[8] was the father of Prince Philip. He was exiled from Greece and died in Monaco. Philip had not seen him for several years at the time of his death.
  • Andrew Elphinstone was the older brother of Margaret Elphinstone.
  • Princess Beatrice (died 26 October 1944)[9] was the daughter of Queen Victoria who died at age eighty-seven.
  • Cecil Beaton was a photographer whom had a photo session with the princesses.
  • Clara "Alla" Knight[10] (died 2 January 1946)[11] was the nanny of Elizabeth and Margaret. She had also been the nanny of the princesses' mother. Alla passed away after quickly falling ill.
  • Claude Bowes-Lyon (died 7 November 1944)[12] was the Earl of Strathmore and maternal grandfather of Margaret and Elizabeth. Margaret described him as a "sweetie."
  • Clement Attlee was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following Winston Churchill.
  • David Bowes-Lyon was the uncle of Margaret and Elizabeth, and younger brother of their mother.
  • Dookie and Jane were two of the princesses many corgis. They, like the other dogs, were disliked by the staff at times for being quick to bite.
  • George V was the grandfather of Margaret and Elizabeth.
  • Prince George (died 25 August 1942)[13] and Princess Marina were the aunt and uncle of Margaret and Elizabeth. They had three children, Edward, Alexandra, and Michael. George was killed in an airplane crash shortly after the birth of their third child.
  • George II was the King of Greece who was restored to the throne after the war. He was a cousin of Prince Philip. George later died and was succeeded by his brother Paul.
  • George Lascelles was a cousin of Margaret and Elizabeth. He was captured by Nazis during the war and held at Colditz.
  • Prince Henry was the Duke of Gloucester and uncle of Margaret and Elizabeth. He was also a Counsellor of State and later became governor-general of Australia.
  • Sir Henry Marten was a teacher at Eton College who was also the private tutor of Elizabeth. The king later knighted him.
  • Jean and Mary were two ladies in waiting to Elizabeth. Jean was also a recent widow.
  • Mr. Logue was a speech therapist who helped George VI get through his speeches.
  • Lord Louis Mountbatten, also called Uncle Dickie, was a distant cousin of Margaret's family and an uncle of Prince Philip. His nephew often stayed with him while he was in England.
  • Margaret Elphinstone (born 1925)[14] was a cousin of Margaret and Elizabeth. She often visited the sisters. Margaret enjoyed her company as she treated her and her sister the same.
  • Margaret "Bobo" Macdonald and Ruby Gordon[15] were two nursery maids of Elizabeth and Margaret.
  • Marion "Crawfie" Crawford was the governess of Elizabeth and Margaret. She was in charge of the girls' education.
  • Queen Mary ("Granny") was the grandmother of Margaret and Elizabeth. She favored Elizabeth as she thought Margaret was "spoilt."
  • Mary, Princess Royal was the aunt of Margaret and Elizabeth. Her brother George VI joked that singing lessons "did her no good at all."
  • Pamela Mountbatten was the daughter of Louis Mountbatten. Elizabeth and Margaret were bridesmaids at her wedding.
  • Patrick Bowes-Lyon was the uncle of Margaret and Elizabeth. He became the Earl of Strathmore following his father's death.
  • President Roosevelt (died 12 April 1945)[16] was the President of the United States. He died just before the end of the year. Harry S. Truman was then sworn in as President.
  • Susan was a friend of Elizabeth whom lived in London. They corresponded through letters.
  • Susan was a corgi puppy that Elizabeth received for her eighteenth birthday.
  • Mr. Tanner was a schoolmaster who helped Margaret and Elizabeth with their Christmas pantomimes, such as bringing other children to act.
  • Queen Wilhelmina was the Queen of the Netherlands. Following the German invasion, Wilhelmina fled to the United Kingdom. The Nazis later tried to capture her family.
  • Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Despite helping the British through the war, Winston was not re-elected in 1945.

Epilogue characters[]


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