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Dear America Collection

The Dear America Collection was a short-lived line from Madame Alexander based on Scholastic's Dear America. It consists of four dolls released throughout 1999 and 2000.[1] The dolls are eighteen inches tall, vinyl with cloth bodies, and all have the same face mold. Each doll came with a blank diary and was dressed historically accurate to their time period.[2]


Picture Name Book Description
Mem-doll Remember Patience Whipple A Journey to the New World Remember has blue eyes and blonde hair hidden by her white cap. She is wearing a traditional brown and white Pilgrim dress.
Catharine-doll Catharine Carey Logan Standing in the Light Catharine has brown hair and eyes. She is dressed in a traditional Quaker dress with a white apron and matching kerchief.
Abigail-doll Abigail Jane Stewart The Winter of Red Snow Abigail has strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. She comes dressed in a patterned colonial dress, a white cap, and black shoes.
Margaret-doll Margaret Ann Brady Voyage on the Great Titanic Margaret has green eyes and blonde hair styled in long ringlets. She comes dressed in a light pink dress, white shoes, and tights.


  • The dolls are of a similar size to American Girl dolls and are able to fit into their clothes.


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