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Marie-Andrée Clermont (born October 31, 1943 in Montreal, Canada) is an author and translator from Quebec. She is a contributor to Hoping for Home, for which she wrote "Out of the Ashes."


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Marie-Andrée Clermont was born in Montreal, Quebec. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 1964 from Marguerite-Bourgeoys College, and continued her studies in communication at Concordia University and at the Université de Montréal, where she graduated with a degree in translation in 1981.

Clermont has written numerous novels and translated over 60 works. As a translator, she has managed the Deux solitudes jeunesse collection, published by Éditions Pierre Tisseyre, since 1989. In 1991, she created the Faubourg St-Pierre series, published by Éditions Pierre Tisseyre. The series was notable for addressing day-to-day problems faced by adolescents.

In 1995, Clermont received the special mention of the jury at the OCS Award for her novel Le Silence des maux (The Silence of Evils). She is a member of the Quebec Writers' Union, the Quebec Youth Writers' Association, IBBY-Canada and the Literary Translators' Association of Canada.


Dear Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • Roche de St-Coeur (1992)
  • D'amour et d'eau trouble (1994)
  • Le Silence des maux (1994)
  • Nouvelles du Faubourg (1995)
  • L'engrenage (1995)
  • Double foyer (1995)
  • La marque rouge (1995)
  • La gitane (1996)
  • Le Porte Bonheur (1999)