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"As I looked, I felt a surge of anger go through me. All that show, all that protection, for just a few moments' of travel from the wharf to the palace gates. For this man, for Khafre, our king, men like Isesi and my father died. And I knew in my heart this was wrong. Surely, the gods did not decree this. Life had to be fairer than this."

Nebka (born c. 2529 BC) was the only son of Merire. Following his father's death, he lived with his strict uncle Minkaf and aunt Ipwet. In 2517 BC, at twelve, Nebka went to work on the pyramids with his uncle. There he met a prisoner named Ankhhaf whom claimed to be the rightful king of Egypt. Their meeting would change Nebka's life forever.


Early life[]

Nebka was born around 2529 BC.[1] When he was three, his mother passed away while giving birth to his brother whom also died. Nebka's father, Merire, passed away when he was six while working on the pyramid of King Djedefre. He was subsequently taken in by his father's brother, Minkaf, and his wife Ipwet. From a young age, Nebka worked on his uncle's farm.

Working on the pyramids[]

In 2517 BC, when the time came for the Nile's annual floods, Nebka's uncle announced that he was going to accompany him to work on the pyramid of King Khafre. Nebka resented the pyramids as he blamed him for his father's death, but he was unable to go against his uncle. On the way to Giza, he was befriended by Isesi whom was a couple of years older. At the pyramids, Nebka's uncle registered him and had him assigned to the same gang as Isesi. The gang was called the Friends of Djoser and was led by Isesi's father Huni. Nebka's uncle was asked to work on the Spinx, which was located nearby. After a couple of days, Nebka quickly settled into the routine of working with the others.

Early on, Nebka met one of the prisoners, Ankhhaf, working on the pyramids. He made claims about being the true king of Egypt and spoke of "no more pyramids." Nebka was pulled in by his words of being an advocate for the common people. He talked to Isesi about Ankhhaf, but he dismissed him as either crazy or a liar. A couple days later, Nebka's uncle showed him the Sphinx in progress. Nebka, feeling only anger towards it, was not impressed. Several days later, Isesi was killed when a large stone fell on top of him. The grief-stricken Huni was dismissed and Pepi became the leader in his place. The following day, King Khafre came to Giza. Nebka was disgusted by the pomp and circumstance of his arrival.

The same day, Sabni joined the gang and Nebka took him to see the Sphinx. Nebka, afterwards, went to the mastaba tombs where the prisoners were housed. He spoke to Ankhhaf, who entreated Nebka to help free him and his comrades. Nebka was spotted visiting the tombs by a friend of uncle. Two nights later, he went to help Ankhhaf. He was shocked when Ankhhaf killed one of the guards, which changed his opinion on him. Shortly, Nebka's uncle appeared with his friends and stopped the mass prisoner escape. His uncle then lied to the overseer, saying that Nebka was helping to stop the escape. Nebka felt grateful to his uncle, which changed their relationship for the better from then on.

Later life[]

Nebka returned every year for fifteen years to continue working on the pyramids. From his third year on, he was chosen to work on the Sphinx with his uncle. Nebka continued to work his aunt and uncle's land long after their deaths. He married Neith and had two sons and a daughter. In 2484 BC, Nebka's son Khaba went to build the pyramids on his own. Nebka's grandson Djedefhor would be old enough the following year to accompany him. He anticipated telling his grandson stories about the pyramids, but knew that he would keep the secret of what happened with Ankhhaf between himself and his uncle.

Personality and traits[]

Nebka was sheltered for his age since his uncle, in particular, discouraged socializing from the neighbors. He longed for companionship of those his own age. Nebka grew up resentful of how his father had died and of the back breaking work he had to do for his uncle and aunt. He had a noted dislike for kings and their pyramids. As such, Nebka was drawn to Ankhhaf and his talk of "no more pyramids." He was shocked to learn that Ankhhaf actually had no ideals. As an adult, Nebka grew to appreciate the pyramids and the Sphinx in his own way. He, however, never stopped questioning the "power of the gods."

Family tree[]

Nebka's Family Tree
(d. 2526 BC)
(d. 2523 BC)
(b. 2529 BC)

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