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Paul Yee (born October 1, 1956) is a Chinese-Canadian historian and writer. He is the author of Blood and Iron and a contributor to Hoping for Home.


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Paul Yee was born in Spalding, Saskatchewan in 1956, but was raised in Chinatown, Vancouver by his aunt Lilian. He has volunteered at the Vancouver Chinese Cultural Center (1974-1987) and worked as an archivist at the City of Vancouver Archives (1979-1987) and at the Archives of Ontario (1988-1991). He also worked at the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship (1991-1997).

His notable works include short story collection Teach Me to Fly, Skyfighter! And Other Stories, non-fiction book Saltwater City: An Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver, and picture book Ghost Train, which won the 1996 Governor General's Award for English language children's literature. In 2012, the Writers' Trust of Canada awarded Yee the Vicky Metcalf Award for Literature for Young People.


Dear Canada[]

I Am Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • Teach Me to Fly, Skyfighter and Other Stories (1983)
  • The Curses of Third Uncle (1986)
  • Tales from Gold Mountain (1989)
  • Roses Sing on New Snow (1991)
  • Ghost Train (1996)
  • Struggle and Hope: the Chinese in Canada (1996)
  • Dead Man's Gold and Other Stories (2002)
  • Bone Collector's Son (2003)
  • A Song for Ba (2004)
  • Chinatown (2005)
  • Saltwater City: An Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver (2006)
  • Money Boy (2011)


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