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Perry Nodelman is a Canadian author, children's literature critic, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Winnipeg. He wrote Not a Nickel to Spare in the Dear Canada series and also contributed to A Christmas to Remember.



Dear Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • The Same Place But Different (1993)
  • Of Two Minds (1994; with Carol Matas)
  • A Completely Different Place (1995)
  • More Minds (1996; with Carol Matas)
  • Behaving Bradley (1998)
  • Out of Their Minds (1998; with Carol Matas)
  • A Meeting of Minds (1999; with Carol Matas)
  • The Proof that Ghosts Exist (2008; with Carol Matas)
  • The Curse of the Evening Eye (2009; with Carol Matas)
  • The Hunt for the Haunted Elephant (2010; with Carol Matas)

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