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Poor Man's Gold: The Diary of Reuben Radcliffe is the nineteenth book in My New Zealand Story by Scholastic New Zealand. It was authored by Kath Beattie and followed by "The Mine's Afire!". The book was first published in October 2008 and reissued as Gumdigger in May 2011.

Book description[]

"Reuben Radcliffe's father owns the store in the small township of Waipapa. When the bank forecloses on a loan, Reuben and his family are forced to leave their home and move into a tent. With no money and little food, Reuben has to leave school and find work.
Heading north with his father, Reuben joins a gang of Dalmatian gumdiggers. He soon learns how to dig the valuable, ancient kauri gum that lies preserved in the Northland swamps. With his dog Lucky by his side, Reuben comes to love the hard work and rugged camaraderie of the gumfields.
But tragedy lurks just around the corner...


Historical Note[]


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"Special thanks are due to Linda Hammond (archivist) of the Far North Museum, Olwyn Ramsey (author, volunteer archivist at the Far North Museum and long-term inhabitant of Kaitaia), Reference Library Staff at the Dunedin Library, and family and friends who knowingly or unknowingly dropped gems of information my way. In particular, special thanks to Peter Rees and Penny Scown (Scholastic) for their meticulous and sensitive editing."


  • The cover of the second edition is an image licensed from iStock.[3]


See also[]

File:Poor Man's Gold Information Sheet.pdf, File:Poor Man's Gold Teacher Notes.pdf

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