Prisoner of Dieppe: World War II is the second book in Scholastic's I Am Canada. It was written by Hugh Brewster and published in September 2010. The book was followed by Shot at Dawn by John Wilson.


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""Get to the seawall!" he yelled just as a bullet tore through my battle jacket, grazing my side. As I crawled forward I heard another plane overhead and spotted heavy smoke dropping down from it. A smokescreen! Thank God, I thought. Through the smoke I ran towards the seawall, stumbling over the bodies that lay in twisted positions in front of it.
Eager to fight the Germans, Allie and his friend Mackie await their first battle. But the raid on Dieppe turns into a bloodbath. A thousand soldiers die and the survivors are sent to a POW camp deep within Germany. Can there be any escape from Stalag VIIIB?



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"The publisher wishes to thank Dr. J.L. Granatstein, author of The Generals: The Canadian Army's Senior Commanders in the Second World War; In Canada's Army: Waging War and Keeping Peace; and Who Killed Canadian History?, for sharing his historical expertise; and Barbara Hehner for her careful checking of the factual details."


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