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Sabotage!: The Diary of Rowan Webb is the eighteenth book in Scholastic New Zealand's My New Zealand Story. It was written by Sharon Holt; her first for the series. The book was first published in June 2008. It was reprinted under the title Rainbow Warrior in July 2015 and in May 2023.


Book description[]

"On 10 July, 1985, the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, is bombed in Auckland Harbour. A crew member is killed. But who would do such a terrible thing?
Auckland third-former Rowan Webb thinks she knows. It all starts when Rowan writes to Lisette, a French girl advertising for a pen pal. Soon, Rowan has a visit from Lisette's charming brother, René. But after the bombing, when blame falls on the French secret service, Rowan begins to wonder: was René everything he said he was? Why was he so interested in her neighbour Alex and his family's yacht? And who was the mysterious French woman they saw handing René a package in the street?


Historical Note[]


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  • Rowan Webb


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  • The cover of the third edition, Rainbow Warrior, was illustrated by Minky Stapleton.[4]


See also[]

File:Sabotage! Teacher Notes.pdf, File:Rainbow Warrior (2015) Information Sheet.pdf, File:Rainbow Warrior (2023) Information Sheet.pdf

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