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Sharon Stewart (born July 22, 1944 in Kamloops, British Columbia) is a Canadian writer. She is the author of Banished from Our Home and a contributor to the Dear Canada collection A Season for Miracles.


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Before pursuing a career as an author, Stewart travelled around the world, including to China and Spain, and worked as an editor.

She has won the Red Cedar Award and the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for The Dark Tower, and was shortlisted for the Red Cedar Award for My Anastasia. Her book, Raven Quest, was nominated for the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award and won the Silver Birch Award in 2004. Her most recent book is Phoenix: The Life of Norman Bethune, written with Roderick Stewart.

Stewart currently resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario.


Dear Canada[]

Selected works[]

  • The Minstrel Boy (1997)
  • The Dark Tower (1998) (republished as The Princess in the Tower (2005) for the "Beneath the Crown" series)
  • My Anastasia (1999) (republished as The Last Duchess (2001) for the "Beneath the Crown" series)
  • Raven Quest (2003)
  • Phoenix: The Life of Norman Bethune (2011) (with Roderick Stewart)

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