Sink and Destroy: The Battle of the Atlantic is a historical fiction book in the I Am Canada series. The book was written by Edward Kay, his first and only for the series. It was published in September 2014.


"For the veterans who shared their stories with me, especially John Schumacher, RCN."

Book description

""Incoming torpedoes!" shouted the ASDIC operator. "They're coming straight at us!"
Without a moment's hesitation the captain called out, "Hard to starboard!"
The bow swung around and the ship leaned over at a crazy angle. I hung on to my gun to keep from getting thrown overboard. Two trails of bubbles raced toward us from out of the dark, frigid water. Beyond that, there was just the blackness of a North Atlantic night.

German submarines are prowling the North Atlantic, taking a huge toll on the Allied ships. Bill and the other sailors guarding the convoys are determined to protect them at all costs. With the stakes so high, finding and sinking the German U-boats means the difference between winning or losing the war."



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"The publisher wishes to thank Janice Weaver for her detailed checking of the factual elements, and navel historian Dr. Roger Sarty, co-author of No Higher Purpose: The Official Operational History of the Royal Canadian Navy, Vol. II part I1: 1939-1943 and A Blue Water Navy: The Official Operational History of the Royal Canadian Navy, Vol. II, Part 2: 1943-1945, for his comments on the manuscript."


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