Sniper Fire: The Fight for Ortona is the thirteenth book in I Am Canada, a series by Scholastic Canada. It was published in October 2016. The book was written by Jonathan Webb, his first and only entry in the series.


"For Vivian"

Book description

"Jimmy rears back. One hand is in front of him, pointing at the upstairs window. His other hand holds a grenade. He staggers briefly and then pulls himself together, as if making a final effort. The flash from the muzzle of the rifle catches my eye – there's a German shooter on the rooftop. he's lying on the tiles, aiming his rifle downwards.
Paul's platoon is pinned down by sniper fire in the tight, impassable streets of Ortona. Tanks can't reach them because the streets are so filled with rubble from the land mines and grenades. The Germans have planted deadly booby traps everywhere. But Paul and his comrades must make their way forward...



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