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"I shall never forget Father Finnegan. Some immigrants came through the Golden Door to America, some like Rafi came in a trash can. But Maureen and Mademoiselle Coco and I came tucked in the heart of one man."
—Sofia Monari[3]

Sofia Monari (born c. 1894) was the daughter of Roberto and Angelina Monari. She was the younger sister of Gabriella and older sister of Luca and Marco.


Early life[]

Sofia was born around 1894[1] to Roberto and Angelina Monari. She had one older sister Gabriella, and two younger brothers, Luca and Marco. The family lived in Cento, Italy.

Arrival in America[]

After her paternal grandparents died and the family farm went to Sofia's uncle, her family decided to immigrate to America. The departed from Genoa in January 1903 aboard the steamship Florida.

Living in Boston[]

Life with Maureen[]

Personality and traits[]

Sofia was a typical nine-year-old whom was curious and loved to have fun. In America, she easily took to school as she enjoyed learning. Sofia quickly picked up English, especially thanks to her best friend Maureen during their time at Ellis Island. After recovering from infantile paralysis, she became self-conscious of her "withered" leg. However, she did not let it hold her back for long after a speech from Dr. Balboni. Sofia subsequently became more outspoken. While working on Miss Burnet's treasure hunt, she discovered she was good at working out riddles and finding out about things. Sofia became fixated on becoming a private investigator someday.

Family tree[]

The Monari Family Tree
Roberto Monari
Angelina Monari
Gabriella Monari
(b. 1889)
Sofia Monari
(b. 1894)
Luca Monari
(b. 1896)
Marco Monari
(b. 1902)

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