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Storm the Fortress: The Siege of Quebec is the seventh book in Scholastic's I Am Canada. It was first published in February 2013, followed by the French edition in November. The book was written by Maxine Trottier, whom authored three Dear Canada books. It was followed by Fire in the Sky by David Ward.


"For the Anderson boys: Jacob, Luke and Will

Book description[]

""All hands! All hands on deck!" someone screamed. The rumbling that had wakened me was the pounding of men's feet as they rushed to their stations. My feet joined in, but once I was on deck I could barely take another step. I stared in horror at what was coming toward Pembroke. It was as though the entire river was on fire, and it was flowing right at us.
"To the boats! Bring line and grappling hooks!" shouted an officer.

William Jenkins board the Royal Navy warship Pembroke as it joins the blockade laying siege to the French stronghold of Quebec. If he can do his job–and stay alive–his ship could help determine whether the French or the British win the war."



Historical Note[]


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Maxine Trottier is an award-winning children's author. Storm the Fortress is the only book she wrote for I Am Canada. She also authored Alone in an Untamed Land, The Death of My Country, and Blood Upon Our Land from Dear Canada.



  • Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre (2013) - commended[5]


"The publisher wishes to thank Janice Weaver for her careful checking of the facts, and Andrew Gallup for sharing his considerable expertise about the Seven Years War."



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