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"It isn't over. It won't ever be over. I am a girl who survived the Titanic. That's a part of me."
Dorothy Wilton[1]

"The Angel of Citadel Hill" is the first short story included in the Dear Canada anthology, A Time for Giving. Written by Sarah Ellis, the story is a sequel to her 2011 book That Fatal Night.


"It has been over half a year since Dorothy spent time with her grandparents in England, put on plays with Millie and Owen, and had deep discussions with Grandfather—a time that seems far off, given her harrowing voyage aboard the Titanic. Right now it's nearing Christmas and Dorothy is looking forward to a visit from her big brother Charles and his girlfriend Naomi."


On December 5, 1912, the Wilton family receives a letter from Dorothy's older brother Charles. He is coming home for Christmas to introduce them to his fiancée, Naomi Livingston. Dorothy begins counting down the days until their visit. Her mother begins cleaning the house and changing things that she deems "shabby." Dorothy's father jokingly refers to her as "Major General" since "it was like she was heading a military campaign." One day, Dorothy comes home to find her mother planning to change the wallpaper in her room, where Naomi will be sleeping. She becomes angry when Aunt Hazel suggests that she is a "little jealous." Dorothy's father steps in and they compromise by repainting the woodwork.

Charles and Naomi finally arrive in Halifax on December 13. Dorothy takes to her instantly, describing her as "perfect." The family soon becomes very busy doing holiday activities, leading Dorothy to write in her diary less or not at all. Later, while Charles and Naomi are out, Dorothy's mother has Aunt Hazel and Mrs. Hill over for tea. Dorothy listens in from under the piano as they talk about Naomi and her family in New York City. Her mother mentions sadly that she had "always assumed that Charles would come back to Halifax some day." Aunt Hazel replies that "when a daughter marries you gain a son, but when a son marries you lose a son." Dorothy wonders what exactly this will mean for her.

The next day, Naomi feigns illness for Charles, whom does not want to attend dinner with the Hills. Dorothy stays behind as well. After their modest dinner, Naomi begins talking about the night Charles went to fetch Dorothy from the Carpathia. Naomi had wanted to go along, but Charles said she "would not be in any shape to meet new people." She then reveals that she fell in love with him after seeing how "level-headed" Charles had been during the situation. Dorothy starts to cry, and Naomi cries in turn. Two days later at two in the morning, Naomi and Charles bring Dorothy to Citadel Hill to celebrate the winter solstice. The girls make a large snow angel, which Charles takes a picture of before they head home.


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  • Dorothy Wilton was the only daughter of Stanley and Esme. She survived the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912, which she was still processing mentally. The following December, her older brother Charles and his new fiancée Naomi came to Halifax for the holidays.


  • Charles Wilton was Dorothy's older brother who worked at a firm in New York City. He came home for Christmas 1912 to introduce his family to his fiancée, Naomi.
  • Esme and Stanley Wilton ("Mother" and "Father") were the parents of Charles and Dorothy. After Charles wrote that he was coming home for Christmas, Esme began obsessively cleaning and fixing up the house. She became calm once Charles and Naomi finally arrived.
  • Naomi Livingston (born c. 1892)[2] was Charles's fiancée. She was "one of the New York Livingstons," whom had an apartment in Manhattan. Naomi had four siblings, including her younger sister Priscilla. She was recently engaged to Charles and came with him to Halifax to meet his family. Dorothy liked her instantly and became comfortable enough to talk to her about the Titanic.


  • Augusta and Henry Wilton ("Grandmother" and "Grandfather"), the grandparents of Dorothy who live in England. They send her a present for Christmas.
  • Borden was Dorothy's pet dog.
  • Cedric, a friend of Charles who came to visit while he was in town.
  • Flo, Louise, Phoebe, and Winnifred were friends and classmates of Dorothy.
  • "Aunt" Hazel was Dorothy's aunt. She suggested that Dorothy was "jealous" of Naomi when she objected to the wallpaper in her room being changed.
  • Mrs. Hill, the wife of Reverend Hill who came to the Wiltons for tea. Esme and Stanley later went to have dinner at her home.
  • Rev. Hill was Mrs. Hill's husband. Charles described him as "pompous and boring." Dorothy recalled a time he made Phoebe cry during confirmation class.
  • Laird, the elderly dog owned by Naomi's family. He was described as a "bit smelly" though the family "nobody in the family minds," excepting Priscilla.
  • Millie Hawkins, a friend of Dorothy from England whom wrote to her.
  • Priscilla, the younger sister of Naomi whom was described as "difficult."
  • Mr. Puddlington, a man Stanley called a "house genius." He typically worked on the Wiltons' boiler, but he was also knowledgeable about drains, leaky roofs, and hanging wallpaper.


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