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The Crystal Palace: The Diary of Lily Hicks is the third entry in the My Story series. It was written by Frances Mary Hendry. The book was published by Scholastic UK in April 2001 with The Hunger, Voyage on the Great Titanic, and Blitz. The Crystal Palace was reissued in January 2010 under the new title Young Nanny.

Book description[]

"17th April, 1850
The Crystal Palace is more wonderful every time we go, with coloured light everywhere, so airy and delicate, but strong. Not like a house, solid and heavy and shadowy, solid to the ground. Like being inside a diamond it is, or a fairy palace. Master has made a miracle, everybody says so. And as for the exhibits inside, there are more and more every day, 10,000 they say. We saw French and Belgian lace and English embroidery today, so fine the Queen can't have better—shawls and baby gowns and waistcoats, and Irish double damask tablecloths with shimmering ferns and flowers woven in. I was near crying with pure delight it was all so lovely.

"It's 1850. Unexpectedly promoted from housemaid to be the new baby's nanny, young Lily hopes her diary will protect her and her friends from nasty little Edgar's malice. But when a valuable watch is stolen during a visit to the Crystal Palace, Edgar finds himself in desperate trouble–and only Lily can save him..."


Historical Note[]


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Frances Mary Hendry is a British children's writer whom was born in Scotland. Much of her work takes inspiration from the events and legends of Scotland. She previously worked as a teacher for several years.[2] The Crystal Palace was her first book for My Story. She also wrote The '45 Rising for the series.



  • The portrait on the cover of the first edition was licensed by Popperfoto.[5]
  • The cover of the second edition was illustrated by Richard Jones, whom illustrated several My Story books.


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