The Hunt for Ned Kelly is the twenty-fifth book in Scholastic's My Australian Story. It was the first book in the series' second relaunch. The book was written by Sophie Masson, her first in the series. It was published in February 2010 and later reprinted in August 2019.


Book description

"I do not think that anyone alive in our time will ever forget Ned Kelly. I know I never shall. Was he a hero? Was he a villain? I cannot say, even now. But he will live in my memory forever, the dark and the bright, together
North-east Victoria, 1879. Jamie Ross and his older sister Ellen are alone in the world after the death of their father. Determined to make their fortune, they head to Beechworth—and straight into the midst of the search for Ned Kelly, the most notorious bushranger of all time. A chance encounter will bring Jamie closer to the outlaw than he could ever have imagined.



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