The Journal of Ben Uchida: Citizen 13559, Mirror Lake Interment Camp is a historical fiction book by Barry Denenberg. It is the sixth in the My Name Is America series. The book was published in September 1999 and was followed by The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung.


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"Tuesday, April 21, 1942
I never thought I looked different from the other kids. Never once, even though most of them are Caucasian, except for Billy Smith, who's a Negro, and Charles Hamada, who's part Japanese, part jerk. But now I realized my face
was different. My hair was black. My skin was yellow. My eyes were narrow. It never seemed to matter before, but it sure did matter now. Now my face was the face of the enemy."



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Barry Denenberg (born in Brooklyn, New York) is an author of several non-fiction and historical fiction novels. Denenberg began writing biographies at the age of forty. He has written books for Dear America, My Name Is America, and The Royal Diaries. Denenberg is currently living in Bedford with his wife.[2]


"The author would like to thank Amy Griffin for her sensitive editorial work and Chris Kearin and his fellow "book people" for their help."


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