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The Journal of Brian Doyle: A Greenhorn on an Alaskan Whaling Ship is the final book in Scholastic's series, My Name Is America. It was written by Jim Murphy and is his second book for the series. The book was published in April 2004. It was preceded by The Journal of Rufus Rowe by Sid Hite.


"For my editors Tracy Mack and Beth S. Levine—whose intelligent comments and suggestions (and occasional prodding) helped me get Brian's voyage onto paper."

Book description[]

"September 11, 1874
The pumping goes on—the
Florence screams horribly under the crushing ice—and the storm continues.
York is leaving the ship and most of the forecastle agree. When another plant snapped, York decided to speak to the mates on behalf of the forecastle. Several accompanied York, including Frenchie and Watty. Mr. Le Page sent them back, saying decisions about the ship are up to the Captain, and that we must follow his orders, etc., etc. They are afraid for their positions, York suggested later, when they should be afraid for their lives. And ours.



Historical Note[]


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James "Jim" Murphy was an America author whom wrote over thirty-five books. His work was primarily aimed at children and focused on American history. Murphy authored The Journal of James Edmond Pease in My Name Is America. He also wrote two books for Dear America, including West to a Land of Plenty and My Face to the Wind.


  • The portrait on the cover was provided by the National Maritime Museum. The background is an engraving titled Whaling in the South Pacific from the Granger Collection.[2][3]


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