The Journal of C.J. Jackson: A Dust Bowl Migrant is a fictional diary in Scholastic's My Name Is America. It was written by William Durbin, his third in the series. The book was published on April 2002 and was followed by The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty


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"April 10, 1935
I never had a chance to write any more yesterday. The duster go so bad that we had to go through our regular dust storm routine. We locked the cows in the barn, turned the washtubs over and weighted them down, and tied the windmill off. There was no need to shoo the chickens in the henhouse because the dark sky had tricked them into thinking it was time to roost....
The dust has been blowing bad for several years now. And with the crop failures coming back-to-back like they have, hundreds of families have lost their farms...Times are so rough that when they hold an auction to sell a place, the only people that show up are the banks and the insurance companies. Nobody has a nickel.



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