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The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce: A Pilgrim Boy is the eighth book in the series, My Name Is America. It was written by Ann Rinaldi and was her only entry in the series. The book was published in June 2000 by Scholastic and was followed by Kathryn Lasky's The Journal of Augustus Pelletier.


"For Mal and Elaine"

Book description[]

"November 11, 1620
I am so weary, yet I must write. I have been ashore!... We walked a while along the beach, carefully at first because the elders were looking for the tracks of cloven feet to see if the Evil One was here... How strange it was to cast an eye to the nearby forest and not know what manner of beast was watching and might lunge out at us.... Here in this place there are endless trees. We wonder, how far do they go on? I think forever, Tom I think everything in this place goes on forever. I think that we have found Forever.



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