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The Journal of Jedediah Barstow: An Emigrant on the Oregon Trail is the sixteenth book in Scholastic's My Name Is America. It was written by Ellen Levine and was published on September 2002. The book was followed by The Journal of Finn Reardon in May 2003.


"In memory of my sister Dori Brenner, who would have loved to have made this journey, so long as she could have had a hot bath at the end of every day."

Book description[]

"May 26, 1845 was Mr. Littleton who said to me I had some real important pondering to do and not much time to do it in. Just until tomorrow morning, in fact. I could go with the Richardsons or stay with the company. So I should think real hard, he said. "The question is," he said, " are you looking back to the States, or ahead to tomorrow?"
I climbed up the bluff to the grasses. Just me and the sun....
Ahead? Tomorrow? Can't think what that means. If I think about what's happened, I'm ready to turn back. I feel real angry at Pa. If he hadn't....Never mind. I'll worry more on it later.



Historical Note[]


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"I am truly grateful for the support of my writers group, and am particularly indebted to Norma Fox Mazer, Harry Mazer, and Sandra Jordan. I also want to thank Dr. George Kivowitz and Peter Koedt–it's wonderful having friends who know about false teeth and grizzly beats. I am also most grateful to my editor, Beth Levine, who read and edited the manuscript with both a sensitive eye and a sure hand."


  • The portrait on the cover was provided by the Hulton Archives and the background by the Granger Collection.[2]


  2. The Journal of Jedediah Barstow, Ellen Levine, page 172

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