The Journal of Rufus Rowe: A Witness to the Battle of Fredericksburg is a historical fiction book written by Side Hite. It was the eighteenth entry in Scholastic's My Name Is America. The book was published on October 2003.


"For Janet and Glenn Gibson"

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"December 15, 1862
No one knows how many Union soldiers are dead, for they are still counting, but Captain Nelson estimated the Yanks lost upwards of six thousand men opposite the stone wall alone. That's an amazingly high number. The Rebel dead behind the stone wall comes to eight hundred. When you think no one wants to die and so many did, it's hard to understand the meaning of what happened here. The Confederates won the battle on Saturday, but what did they win? If you were close to one of the men who died, you would not feel as if you had won much. Maybe that's what war is. You lose when you lose and lose when you win.



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