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The Melting Pot: The Diary of Edward, Chek Chee is the twenty-first book in Scholastic's My Australian Story. It was Christopher Cheng's second book in the series. The book was first released in July 2007 and reissued with new cover art in January 2011. It was followed by Vashti Farrer's Archer's Melbourne Cup.


"For all my Chinese relatives who made their own journeys to Australia."

Book description[]

"Edward, Chek Chee, lives with his parents above their store in Sydney's Chinatown.
His mother's family is from England. His father is from China. Edward faces many difficulties as a result of not being either 'white' or Chinese. Just how does he fit in?
To compound matters, Edward must deal with starting at a new school, his trouble-making and bigoted cousin, and worst of all, the prospect of having to travel to his father's homeland to 'learn the Chinese ways'.
Set in the early day of the White Australia policy, Edward's individual struggles are played out as the Chinese community as a whole battles for the rights other Australians take for granted.

"What does an Australian look like? Is it the clothes they wear? Is it the colour of their skin? My family says it is what's inside that counts, not what people look like.
Edward, Chek Chee, lives with his parents above their store in Sydney's Chinatown. His mother is English, his father is Chinese, and Edward is trying to work out where he fits in.
He's not the only one–the new White Australia policy is making it harder for Chinese people to settle in Australia, and the whole Chinese community must battle for rights that other Australians take for granted.


Historical Note[]


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  • Edward Loh, also known as Chek Chee,


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