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The Teenage Diary of Razia Sultan is the third book in the relaunched series, The Teenage Diary of, and the sixth overall. The book was written by Anitha Murthy. It was published by Talking Cub on March 25, 2020. The book was followed by The Teenage Diary of Abbakka by Kavitha Mandana.


"To Manasi, the Razia and Sultan of my life. And to Sudi, who makes for a great Iltutmish."

Book description[]

""My daughter Razia, though she is just fifteen years old, has mastered the sword and spear, and rides a horse like a soldier. Her knowledge of the Quran along with her knowledge of the arts and sciences are amongst the very best...Mark my words: this daughter of mine is better than many sons. I would be proud indeed if she inherited my throne."
Razia Sultan, born to Iltutmish of the Slave dynasty, was groomed from a young age by her father to learn all the skills of a ruler. Brave, strong, confident and learned, she was unlike the women of the times. She went on to defy the orthodoxy and became the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate in the 13th century.
In this fictional diary, a young Razia writes about coming of age in her father’s court. Here, Razia finds that growing up as a rebellious girl is not easy. She has to bear the taunts of her stepmother and other nobles about her boyish ways. She is a brilliant swordsperson and a fearless hunter who can take on anyone in combat. An astute judge of people and with an understanding of the intricacies of statecraft, she sits with her father in court. Yet she is reminded often by everyone that girls can't be rulers. There is only one person who believes in her—Sultan Iltutmish, her beloved father.
Tender, exciting, inspiring,
The Teenage Diary of Razia Sultan is a vivid portrait of a young girl coming to terms with her destiny—one which will make her an immortal name in history."


Historical Note[]


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"I cannot thank Sudeshna Shome Ghosh enough for believing that I was capable of writing this. She is the editor that every author dreams of—encouraging, calm, firm, and always pushing towards the next level of perfection.
Thanks to Shruthi Rao, an acclaimed writer and editor in her busy schedule to review the synopsis, and gave me the confidence that I wasn't hurtling down completely off the track.
Thanks to Rana Safvi, who so graciously replied to my email seeking information. Her book
Where Stones Speak was a revelation to me.
Thanks to Radhika Shenoy, whose eagle eyes miss nothing in her meticulous reviews.
Thanks to Maithili Doshi and Debasmita Dasgupta for the beautiful art work.
And finally thanks to Manasi for keeping a threatening watch on my word count, to Sudi for his occasional nods of approval, and to dearest Radhika Sathe Mantri, who boundless enthusiasm for anything related to this book was so infectious and inspiring.


  • The cover of the book was illustrated by the artist Debasmita Dasgupta.


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