The Wild Year: Joshua's Diary, Book Three is a fictional diary written by Patricia Hermes. It is the third and final book in My America about Joshua McCullough. The book was published in August 2003.


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"In Book One, Joshua and his family leave home and start their adventures along the Oregon Trail. In Book Two, the McCulloughs begin their lives in Oregon, as they look for a place to settle. Now, Joshua awaits the promise of spring. As his father gets involved in local politics, Joshua continues to look for adventure and hopes to go to school."



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Patricia Hermes (born February 21, 1936 in Brooklyn, New York) is an America author. She has written nearly fifty books for children and young adults. Hermes is the author of six books in the My America series, including Westward to Home, A Perfect Place, Our Strange New Land, The Starving Time and Season of Promise.


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