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"To Get Away from All That: The Diary of Zayd Hassan" is the third story from Hoping for Home, a short story collection in Dear Canada. It was written by Rukhsana Khan and the story remains her only work for the series. "The Flower of the Flock" by Irene N. Watts followed.


"Zayd and his family have left Pakistan and after a few years in England decided to move to Canada, hoping that the racism they faced in England won't follow them across the Atlantic. Most Asians were not allowed to immigrate to Canada until the early 1960s. Even in cities, their numbers were small."







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Rukhsana Khan is a Pakistani-Canadian author. She has written over fifteen picture books and novels for children. Her work usually draws from her culture and religion, including Muslim Child which depicts Muslims from different parts of the world.[1] Khan's family came to Canada in 1965. Her father chose Canada because he liked their flag better than the United States'. They were the only Pakistani Muslims in their small Ontario town.


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