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"It went against everything I'd been brought up to think and believe, about being kind and caring to other people. And I realized that this is what war does. It changes people. It makes them brutal. I was being trained to kill people. To shoot them. Stab them. Kill them with my bare hands. But would I actually be able to do it?"
—Violet Debuchy[3]

Violet Debuchy (born 1926) was the only daughter of Jacques and Mary Debuchy. She lived in France until her family moved to England before World War II started. By 1944, Violet had lost both of her parents. She was living with her aunt Abbey Hicks in London when Edward Swinton recruited her for the Special Operations Executive (SOE).


Early life[]

Violet was born in 1926[1] in France.[2] Her father, Jacques, was French and her mother, Mary was English. The family lived in Paris and frequently visited Mary's family in England during her childhood.

Word War II[]

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In September 1939, Violet came to England with her parents since her father feared an oncoming war. They moved in with her aunt, Abbey Hicks, whom was a widow. Violet was enrolled at the French Lycée. In May 1940, her father returned to France to fight against the Germans. Shortly later, Violet's uncle Eric was killed at Dunkirk. Her grandparents died shortly after in quick succession. Then, in September, her mother was killed during the Blitz. In 1942, Violet left school when she was sixteen to go to work. She wanted to join an organization like the Women's Royal Army Corps but was turned away for being too young. Violet instead worked a series of shop jobs while waiting for her eighteenth birthday.

In January 1944, Violet received word that her father had died in France.

Personality and traits[]

During her time at school, Violet excelled at academics as well as sports. She once broke her arm during a game of hockey but carried on to score the winning goal.

Family tree[]


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