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Westward to Home: Joshua's Diary is a historical fiction book by Patricia Hermes. It is the first diary of Joshua McCullough in the My America series and was followed by A Perfect Place. The book was published in February 2001 and republished in August 2002 with a different cover design.


"For Samuel James Hermes"

Book description[]

"April 10
Today our wagons moved out! There must be one hundred wagons, strung out along the trail. Some are fancy. Some are plain. Some are in-between, like ours. Some have words painted on them. Many say:
Oregon or Bust! Some say: Manifest Destiny.
Pa wanted to paint our, too. "What shall it be?" he asked Ma. "
Going Home?"
Ma told him to wait till we got to Oregon. Then we'll see if it's home or not.
In 1848, Joshua and his family leave Missouri and set off for Oregon Country with a wagon train. Despite the difficulties of the McCulloughs' journey, they are hopeful that they will one day reach their dream.

"The Oregon Trail, 1848
Joshua's story begins...

In Book One of his diary, Joshua McCullough and his family pack up their belongings and head west, along the Oregon Trail, in search of a better life. Though there is danger ahead, Joshua's courageous spirit carries him through his adventures.


Historical Note[]


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Patricia Hermes was an America author who wrote over fifty books aimed at children and young adults. She is the author of six books in the My America series, including the sequels of Westward to Home, A Perfect Place and The Wild Year.


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  • Indian Paintbrush Book Award (2003) - nominated[3]


  • The portrait on the cover of the book was illustrated by Glenn Harrington.[4]


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