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What If They Find Us?: Two Jewish Sisters is the first book in My True Story, a spin-off of My Story. The book was written by Kathy Clark. It was originally published in Canada as Guardian Angel House in 2009. The My True Story edition was published in January 2010 and was followed by Hero at Dunkirk by Vince Cross.

Book description[]

"It's 1944 in German-occupied Hungary Susan and Vera are sent to a convent to hide from the Nazis.
There, the sisters learn the true meaning of courage from the nuns who risk their lives to shelter them.
But when soldiers arrive in the dead of night, will the girls be safe from the enemy at the gates?




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  • Susan
  • Vera


Kathy Clark is a Hungarian-born Canadian writer. Her first novel A Whisper in My Heart is about her experience immigrating to Canada at ten-years-old.[2] Guardian Angel House (2009) was based on the experiences of Clark's mother and aunt, whom were sheltered by nuns in Nazi-occupied Hungary during World War II. It is also a part of the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers.[3] Guardian Angel House was republished as What If They Find Us? for My True Story.



"I could not have written this book without the help and support of many people.
I want to thank:
Anna Merei, the producer of the documentary movie
Orangyalhaz o 'Guardian Angel House' for letting me retell the events so dramatically recorded in her film.
My mother and aunt, who answered my endless stream of questions and gave me a true sense of what living in the convent during the Holocaust felt like. I also appreciate their permission to use their photos in this book.
The City of Ottawa Arts Council, whose financial grant made it possible for me to travel to Hungary and explore the real Guardian Angel House.
The Sisters of Charity of St. Vincet de Paul in Budapest, for their hospitality and their willingness to supply me with information; especially Sister Klari Visi who, for me, embodied the vitality and dedication of the Sisters of Charity to serve those in need.
My close friend and editor, Paddy Dupuis, who helped me with the original manuscript and who patiently guided me through many revisions.
My first three young readers, Sarah DeKorte, Anna Gareis and Anna Dupuis, who gave me feedback on the age appropriateness of the first draft.
Sarah Swartz, my editor at Second Story Press who repeatedly helped to clarify and simplify my work.
Margie Wolf and the staff at Second Story Press, for their enthusiastic support and their dedication in bringing the book to completion.
And finally, my family for their constant encouragement and the many sacrifices they made, giving me the time and space I needed to do the writing. They have some loving ownership in these pages.


  • The cover image of What If They Find Us? was an edited photograph licensed from Corbis.[5]
  • The author is miscredited as Kathy Clarke instead of Kathy Clark on the book's cover.


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