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When Freedom Comes: Hope's Diary, Book Three is the twentieth book in the My America series by Kristiana Gregory. It was the third and final book to feature Hope Potter as the main character. The book was first published in May 2004 and was preceded by We Are Patriots. It was reprinted with new cover art in August 2015.

Book description[]

"Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1778
Hope's story continues...

In Book One, Hope witnesses the beginning of the American Revolution. In Book Two, Hope discovers that her father has joined the outlawed Sons of Liberty.
Now, Hope must wait out the war, while praying for the safe return of her father and brother.

"Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1778
Hope's Story Continues...

In Hope's third and final diary by Kristiana Gregory we meet eleven-year-old Hope once again in the middle of the Revolutionary War, as she continues to bravely face the turmoil and violence. Enemy soldiers now occupy Philadelphia and several are living with Hope's family. Though the emerging nation's future is still uncertain, Hope remains optimistic and brave, and she continues to pray for the safe return of her father and brother.


Historical Note[]


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Kristiana Gregory is an American children's author whom wrote three books for My America. She is also the author of five books in Dear America and three in The Royal Diaries.



  • The illustration on the cover of the book was done by Glenn Harrington.


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