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Who Am I?: The Diary of Mary Talence is the fifth book in the My Australian Story series. It was first published in December 2001, and republished three times in March 2006, July 2010, and May 2020. The book was written by Anita Heiss and was followed by On Board the Boussole.


"To my mother, Elsie, for her inspiration, strength and wisdom. And to all those who are still asking 'why'? May you find peace, even if never an answer."

Book description[]

""I woke up this morning and I couldn't stop crying cos this place is not my home, even though everyone say it is. I miss Matron Rose and all the kids and now I miss my real mum more than ever. When I was a little girl Mum would always hug me when I cried and tell me everything would be all right. Who's gunna hug me here?"
Mary was taken to Bomaderry Aboriginal Children's Home when she was only five years old. Now she's ten years old and living with a white family in Sydney. She doesn't fit in and starts to question why.

"I woke up this morning and I couldn't stop crying, cos this place is not my home, even though everyone says it is. When I was a little girl Mum would always hug me when I cried and tell me everything would be all right. Who's gunna hug me here?
Mary lives with the Burkes, but they're not her real family. She hasn't seen her real mum and dad since she was taken away from them five years ago. Everyone tells her to forget about them, but she can't. She wants to find out why she was taken, and where she really belongs.


Historical Note[]


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  • NSW Premier's Literary Awards Young People's History Prize (2002) - short-listed[8]


"I'd like to thank the staff at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and the Aboriginal Research and Resource Centre (UNSW). Special thanks to Eileen Stevens, Barbara Nicholson and Link-Up (NSW) for their time, experience and wisdom. Thanks to Libby Gleeson, Rosie Scott and Linda Jaivin for proofing and unconditional friendship and support.
The photograph on the front cover is of Leila Clarke from Walgett NSW, taken around 1948. Leila had two half-sisters removed from her family before she had a chance to meet them, and they never came back. She later married Arthur Murray and became a committed advocate for Aboriginal rights, and as Leila Murray became known for her role in calling for the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody as well as raising eleven children of her own.


  • The cover of the third edition is a photograph of Aboriginal rights activist Leila Murray (née Clarke).[9]


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